The planet is 14 times the size of Earth, it has much landmass and aquatic areas. Since the Old Lands, it is slowly growing in population.

General HistoryEdit

War always musters on. It survives through plight and fancy. It spreads from hate and deception. It can be plucked from a single notion, and sparked from all the fires of the world. Long ago Arilya was at its pinnacle, it had reached the height of technology. We marveled at our own brilliance. But…with technology comes the burden of nuclear weapons. The arms race was over and companies lusted after behemoths of destruction. These same companies would ensnare the very means of war. Thus began World War V, under the death of reason and the power of money. CEOs fought with nuclear aid and all too quickly, a black winter crept like a shadow over the globe. Civilizations died in its wake. Cities crumbled. The gods turned their backs on us and the world slept in silence. We were undone. Ages passed until the "height of technology" was all but a fairytale. No more than a fiction to frighten children at bedtime.

Fantastic and Supernatural WorldEdit

During the day Arilya is a natural thriving world. However, during the night it takes on a more paranormal vibe.

Behind the ScenesEdit

I would say that inspiration can be drawn from three sources. Dungeons and Dragons, The Elder Scrolls Series and The Fallout Series.