Grim Reaper (Mort)

The Grim Reaper


Mort--or the Grim Reaper--is the Supernatural Force that is said to appear just before everyone dies.

Though no living person has seen Mort himself, many who are dying claim they see "a shadowy figure with a black cloak and a scythe," in which is why when someone dies, the room always gets cold. Mort himself exists and is immortal, always claiming his victim right after the next.

Even when people are fighting, Mort is said to show up in the sidelines with his scythe, waiting. And as the finishing blow from the opponent strikes down the person, the dying person sees Mort himself cutting them down with his large scythe.

Being supernatural, Mort is the one who takes the souls of people after they die, carrying them in a pouch. While humans speculate that Mort sometimes carries a list with him at all times that tells him his next victim, others state that he doesn't even exist. Since Mort is invisible to everyone aside from who he chooses to reveal himself to (people who die), no living person can properly say that they had seen Mort and lived through it.

Mort is the wisest and the oldest creature, and the only supernatural creature, in which he is the only of his species, called "Death." He is said to reside in Etherum, though others would counter against that as they believe Mort is always busy collecting the lives of people.


Only one record in history is there that says that Mort had revealed himself to a living person, but it is regarded as a children's tale. The tale goes:

"Once there was a man who was farming. He was in his early life, in his mid-twenties, and had taken over his father's farm. As he was collecting crops for his family, a cloaked man in all black had appeared in the distance, the torn cloak billowing in the wind. He had a scythe in his hand, and the man had assumed he might help him farm. But the mysterious figure hadn't moved an inch. The farmer walked up to the mysterious man and the man raised a bony finger that protruded from the sleeve.

His raspy voice sounded, 'Donec et quam non movent (Stay there and do not move).' The farmer looked at him and saw that around him, the crops had died. 'Hey! What happened to my crops?" Mort had replied, "Ego mortem. Tu venies ad me ut dolor (I am death. You will come to me as it is your time).' The farmer hadn't wanted to go and pleaded for his life. 'Take my sheep, my pigs, anything. Just not me nor my family.'

'Si vos pro vestri prosapia? Sunt etiam hodi (And if I take you in exchange for your family? They were do today as well).' The farmer had agreed, but told him to leave his scythe. Mort had lied to him and told him he would, so that his sons would be able to use his scythe that never breaks so they could cut any crop with ease. Mort had then taken his life and kept his promise about the family, though he never gave them his scythe. His first born son, age 13, had saw Mort and drew him the best he could and recording all he could about him."

According to the son, he appears like literally "the walking dead" as he was a skeleton. The legend goes that until this day, Mort has not claimed their lives yet, though centuries had past. Mort speaks Latin and is an NPC character though he is unnable to be killed or touched, because if he touches you, you die (as explained by the dead crops around him in the tale).

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