Oryon State

Oryon State - The City of the Oryon

Is the hidden Kingdom that holds the Oryon inside. No human has ever made claims of seeing such a city or of one existing, and any who have actually seen and made the journey to the Oryon State were killed immediately or captured.

The humans who live amongst them are those who have lived and traveled with them since WWV, whom are trusted by the Oryon themselves. The Oryon are a separate species from that of the humans, seeing as they are able to shape-shift. They have left during WWV and after as they once lived with the humans but were mistreated and abused by them. Soon after, they had left and established a city known as the Oyron State or the Province of the Oryon.

The city itself was built from materials the Oryon had brought from the items they brought prior to the end of WWV, when they fled. They made cities form metals, though they ran out and used the landscape around them to their advantage. Oryon State is located in a deep valley, surrounded by mountains and some fog. There are always sentinels at the tops of the mountains at all times, in all places, in case any outsiders come and intrude.

The city is located in the outer regions of Winlin, where only a handful have ever traveled in fear of anything they don't know about. The city is only called a State--and considered a Kingdom--because it is big enough to be one. The city is as old as the other Dynasts and States, and so is called one as well, even if the outsiders don't know about it.

The only way to access the Oryon State is through Mist Valley which is extremely dangerous and uneven terrain. Many unknown creatures (to the humans) don't know the creatures that dwell there, and nearly all are too afraid to find out. Going by ship to Oryon State is possible, but one would be greeted immediately by steep mountains (nearly impossible to scale) and much fog.

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